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Licensed VA, MD, DC
I started my progressive exciting journey in real estate over 20 years ago. As a college student, I began looking for rentals in Northern Virginia. The love of looking is my passion. My father nurtured my desire to own property. He would always say, "Why rent? when you can own." It was then when I realized the importance of home ownership. It is one of the most important decision one can make in ones' lifetime. However, it was later I went to work for a well-known mortgage company, for over ten years that I began to learn a great deal about the housing industry and financial services, Thereafter, it was then I took a serious interest in attending real estate seminars and classes. Learning everything I could about real estate, this was an important goal for me. Everything from appraisals, property, and land ownership, and a piece of land containing property residence. My progressive journey in real estate has prepared me for success, in this field. The following reasons are why I enjoy what I do in real estate: 1. Continued commitment to seminars and classes. 2. Membership with the National Association of Realtors. 3. The commitment to giving back to the community. My commitment to seminars and classes has been successful in preparing me to be the very best in this field, as well as being an expert at the top of this field. I feel like I can make a difference in someone's life when it comes to purchasing a home. My membership with the National Association of Realtors has empowered me, to work with my clients on a very personal level and to gather information for clients for the best of excellence and services. Nevertheless, my commitment to giving back to the community is a very important factor and goal for me for services for people in need of any kind. Since my seminar classes, membership with National Realtor Association and giving back to the community makes for education fun and excitement in a successful profession where I strive to be at the top of my field in Real Estate. I get joy during the holidays when I visit the nursing homes, hospitals, and family homes to give food and clothing. It is a way of generating love for the community who support me as a whole.

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